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Leading a church is hard. You want to make a difference in your community.

We can help!

Making a difference in your community is hard when you feel alone and outgunned. We are here to help! Each month, we will bring you free coaching from experts who are walking the talk. Together, we can bring about city transformation.

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Episode 1:

Opportunities to Seize & Challenges to Address

In this first episode of the CityServe Network Leadership Podcast, we look at some practical ways your local church can reach out to their communities during this challenging time. Have you felt a bit overwhelmed and stuck in knowing how to minister to your community at a time where so many are struggling? Take a listen and learn how you can go on the offensive, address the challenges, seize the opportunities and bring transformation to where you live with the love and compassion of Jesus.

Hosted by Steve Kramer with special guests Pastor Wendell Vinson, CityServe co-founder and senior pastor of Canyon Hills Assembly of God, Pastor Rich Shepherd, campus pastor of Canyon Hills San Luis Obispo, and Pastor Jen Watts, ministry pastor of Canyon Hills Assembly of God.


Community Needs

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