Illuminating Hope in the Darkness

The Hungry

The Widow

The Orphan

The Poor

The Addicted

The Prisoner

The Vulnerable

The Exploited

The Unreached


Suffering can cause the world to fall into deep despair. God’s answer to a broken world is His Church.

Everyone deserves a life of hope in Jesus.

Build Capacity

Strengthen your church’s ability to minister to a specific initiative

Mobilize Your Church

Move people to be a light in the community

Serve the Broken

Offer hope & see the broken redeemed in Jesus

We understand you want to serve your community in any area of suffering. We serve the local church to offer solutions for brokenness through God’s template found in the Bible.


Uncover your community’s greatest areas of need


Prepare your congregation to serve with compassion in a CityServe initiative ministry focus


Illuminate the hope found in Jesus in a world overcome by darkness

We want the local church to reclaim its purpose

and be moved with compassion for the suffering in our world,

just as Jesus did.