A Community of Helpers

The enemy will do anything to keep us down. Government officials and CDC recommendations told us to stay home and keep a social distance—precautions to protect ourselves and others from the spread of COVID-19. So we did. Non-essential businesses closed their doors. Churches shifted to online platforms. Educators said goodbye to beloved students. We all retreated to the shelter of our homes. In some ways, the world felt like it didn’t just pause, it altogether stopped. Christian leaders told us while the world may feel like it’s falling apart, in fact, the opposite is true in the supernatural. This is exactly what was found in the church community—a supernatural coming-together, not falling apart, of the body of Christ.


Drive-thru food bank at a high school campus in collaboration with capK.

What arose from the global panic was a community of helpers no enemy could keep down—CityServe COVID-19 response volunteers. Surrounded by angels, clothed with the armor of God and considered dangerous to the invisible enemy, the church soldiered up with masks, gloves, and prayer, and headed straight for the frontlines.

Organized by CityServe under the leadership of Robin Robinson, over a hundred volunteers have shown up prepared to serve people affected by the crisis. They stayed in touch for daily assignments through the Crew app and set out almost every day to serve in a variety of ways: preparing and sorting groceries, distributing food at drive-thru food banks, delivering meals to seniors, loading trucks with fresh produce, preparing BBQ plates and more.

Churches delivering lunches to families

Ephesians 4:16 reads, “from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.” 

This is what we’ve seen in the CityServe COVID-19 response volunteers—believers across different churches and denominations united as one church. They each came with the same heart of Christ to serve and were assigned a unique role to play in each outreach, none of which is more valuable than another. What has been displayed over this time is God’s design and purpose of the church. To be the people who are most eager to help however they can, whether it’s by handing out food, holding up signs, or organizing boxes. When working together we are built up in love and our giving ministers to each other just as much, if not more, than the vulnerable people we came together to serve in the first place. God’s a MasterMind that way, isn’t He?

USDA Farmers to Families Food Box Program delivery

“It’s important to serve the community during this pandemic because it shows strength when we come together. It keeps each of us going and shows how similar we are as humans. We all need hope when we are feeling hopeless,” Eusebio Silva Jr. said about his time volunteering with CityServe at the CAPK drive-thru food banks. “Volunteering this way has shown me how God’s love can overcome any problem. It’s shown me how to be selfless and how to serve God by serving the community.”

As they work together, bonded by Christ in them who sets them forth, they are built up in love. Love for God, love for each other, and love for the people they help. This love, attracting others to the body of Christ, plays a gigantic role for which it was designed—so they may see who God is and His love for them. So they may be attracted to the beauty and peace that resides in the hearts of his servants and question why they don’t have it for themselves. It’s a purpose ordained by God the enemy can’t keep down. It’s at the core of what truly matters during these times of uncertainty. It’s what is unshakable. Because through all this—shut down, closed for business, and postponed, God’s church is just getting started. We ARE open for business. It’s essential kingdom business. Jesus work.