CityServe Develops First Modular Apartment Building in Kern County

An Innovative Solution For Addressing Homelessness With an Elevated Living Environment

Elevate South Tower 126 modular units for Elevate Apartments.

Photo cred: Wayne Wong & Michael Wong

November 16, 2023, BAKERSFIELD, CA—CityServe has begun erecting 126 modular units for Elevate Apartments—a four-story, two-tower housing project on the CityServe property at 3201 F Street in Downtown Bakersfield. Elevate is the first of its kind in Kern County for its alternative means of development in modular construction and for its comprehensive offering of supportive services, including faith + connection gatherings for residents.

The stacking stage of the modular units for the south tower has been completed, which consists of 36 units designated for foster youth, 18-25 years old. Stacking of the north tower has begun and is expected to be completed before Thanksgiving, as weather permits. Elevate Apartments is projected to be open to residents early 2024.

“Elevate is a new, innovative solution to addressing brokenness in our community,” remarked Karl Hargestam, executive director of CityServe Network. “As homelessness continues to increase in Kern County, access to affordable housing with supportive services should as well. We know the local church is the best untapped resource to help serve those in need.”

Target residents are people in our community who are without a personal residence or at risk of losing their home and have an income below 30% of Bakersfield AMI (i.e. Less than $17,350 for a single-person household).

Director of CityServe Kern Cherese Grell stated, “There are people in our community who need a safe place to call home while they continue their progress in personal development and growth. Elevate will utilize CityServe programs, partnerships, and its network of churches which are designed to serve them as they learn how to navigate through life’s hardships.”

A wide range of supportive services from CityServe programs and partners will be offered to residents.

Programs include:

  • Case management
  • Security
  • Anger management
  • Job Training in basic office skills, welding, oil field, resume workshops, mock interviews
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Career Counseling
  • Educational Advisors
  • Tutoring
  • Relapse Prevention Classes
  • Assistance with household items, hygiene items, clothes & food

The Housing Authority of the County of Kern is a key partner in the project as the provider of applicant and apartment management which includes submissions, qualification, and voucher distribution.

About Elevate
Elevate is an apartment complex of 126 one-bedroom units, with 24/7 security and surveillance, gated entry, and a comprehensive offering of support services, including faith + connection gatherings. The first apartment complex of its kind in Kern County, Elevate brings something better to the community by helping residents experience elevated living, transition into long-term sustainable housing, and achieve a better quality of life. It is designed for individuals who are overcoming life’s struggles and want to continue moving forward to reach their goals. For more information, please visit

About CityServe
CityServe is a collaborative network of churches and community leaders connected to help those in need live better lives. CityServe empowers the local church to fulfill its purpose to overcome despair and transform lives by resourcing them with tangible goods and capacity building. CityServe brings the church to the table to address community challenges by offering long-lasting relationships that lead to transformation and has been designated a “Community of Faith and Opportunity” by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. For more information about CityServe and its initiatives, please visit or on social platforms @cityserve_network.