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Smart & Healthy Sports Week is a 3-day camp for girls and boys, grades 4th-12th that blends healthy relationship life skills, sports drills, skill development, and tournament-style competition.

Smart & Healthy Sports Week is a program of CityServe Kids.



In Healthy Relationship Life Skills classes, your child will learn:

  • Value of physical activity
  • Character development in team sports
  • Smart decision making skills
  • Good communication & conflict resolution
  • Aspects of healthy relationships and red flags, whether in dating, friendship, family or mentorship
  • Setting healthy personal boundaries
  • Strategies for overcoming peer pressure
  • Personality differences in others and themselves
  • Self-worth
  • Whole health awareness
  • Good decisions for sexual delay until marriage
*For students 8th thru 12th grade, a sexual health unit of the program teaches the value of waiting until marriage to have sex as part of Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE).

Smart & Healthy

Sports Week: Basketball Edition

Smart & Healthy

Sports Week: Football Edition

Smart & Healthy

Sports Week: Volleyball Edition

Why Smart & Healthy

Sports Week?

Today’s youth face difficult decisions and challenges every day, including influences that get in the way of them achieving their full potential. But this generation is smart and driven. When equipped with healthy relationship life skills and guided with healthful physical activity that develops character, kids can flourish into strong adult leaders. We want to unleash the potential within each student-athlete so they can live a life of optimal whole health.
Smart & Healthy Sports Week is a program of CityServe.

They want an awesome future.

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