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The HUB to POD Supply Chain
3 Step Guide to Start Serving

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Delivering Through
the “Last Mile of Need”

Feeding Hungry Families in the Western United States with USDA Farmers to Families Food Boxes

We believe God’s answer to a broken world is His Church. We are grateful you have decided to join us in being the hands and feet of Jesus in the “Last Mile of Need.”

Needs Met. Lives Transformed.


Supply Chain

The CityServe distribution for Farmers to Families is based on a HUB to POD supply chain.

A CityServe HUB is a church or organization with the capacity and space to be a distribution center of food boxes to local churches, also known as PODs (point of distribution), in its geographical region. HUBs are titled by city.

A POD is a local church in agreement with CityServe to receive resources from its assigned HUB and meet the needs of its neighborhood with compassionate giving and relationship building. PODs are titled by church name.

Apply to become a CityServe HUB for food box distribution

How to start

Your first steps to feeding families in the “Last Mile of Need”


To ensure your HUB is adequately prepared, please review the activation checklist and secure the following items.

Activation Checklist:

  • In partnership with a minimum of ten churches for food box distribution, OR have the capacity to distribute truckload(s) upon delivery
  • Have obtained forklift and pallet jack for truckload unloading upon arrival
  • Have the ability to maintain cold chain through delivery with either one of the following options:
    • Cold blankets or plastics used to cover food boxes from 0-2 hours of leaving HUB
    • Freezer blankets used to cover food boxes in enclosed vehicle or trailer from 2-4 hours of leaving HUB
    • Refrigerated trucks (aka, reefers trucks) when unloading/distribution is NOT the same day of acceptance
      *To maintain the cold chain, cold storage must stay at appropriate refrigeration temperatures of 38-41 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Have the ability to certify “means testing” by asking or displaying signage that individuals receiving a food box are deemed needy or food insecure


To get your HUB on the map for scheduled truckloads, please download the HUB CityServe app on your mobile device and register. Your HUB registration in the app will automatically notify schedulers. *This must be completed before a truckload can be scheduled to your HUB for delivery. Once your HUB is registered in the HUB CityServe app, please invite your PODs to download the POD CityServe app, register their church POD, and connect with your HUB. This step is important for mandatory reporting and tracking.


You are almost ready to launch! Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, a CityServe scheduler will call you for your first truckload delivery of Farmers to Families food boxes. Your HUB can now fill the gaps in the “Last Mile of Need” to feed hungry families!
“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,”

Matthew 25:35

Apply to become a CityServe HUB

for food box distribution

For questions, please call our office at 661-371-2650.

Distribution level: HUB or POD

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